I am Annie Mae

Thu Oct 15, 1987 - Sun Oct 25, 1987

I AM ANNIE MAE was a collaboration between musician/composer Naomi Carrier of Houston and author Ruthe Winegarten of Austin. Produced by Women & Their Work, this rousing musical recreated in song, dance, and story the life of Annie Mae Hunt, and traces her family history in Texas from slavery to the present.

Carrier and Winegarten had worked together for four years to fashion an exciting drama, filled with pathos and humor, struggle, survival, and triumph. Carrier’s twenty original songs ranged a variety of genres, including rhythm and blues, gospels, ballads, boogie-woogie, ragtime, and jazz.

I AM ANNIE MAE, the life story of Dallas community activist, Mrs. Annie Mae Hunt, records the too rarely told story of the strengths, the contributions, and the heartaches of the Southern Black working woman. Spanning 120 years, the story is warm and personal and includes 100 family photographs.
At the time of this event in 1987, the book, edited and published by Ruthe Winegarten, had gone through three printings and had been used in numerous college classes.

“Annie Mae Hunt is like so many strong, persevering Texas women who faced hard times and survived. We’ve all known women like her–now we can hear their story firsthand.”
-Liz Carpenter

“Annie Mae Hunt is great–the woman and the book! Women like Annie Mae Hunt have always been the backbone of our political process.”
-Ann Richards/Treasurer, State of Texas