Jill Bedgood

Turn The Scale
Thu Mar 8, 1990 - Sat Mar 31, 1990

Artist Statement

In my work, attention is given to ethics and morality by confronting the viewer with unsolved or ignored issues or problems. I explore social & political issues as they are conveyed on television, in newspapers and in conversations. The work projects a sterile, nonemotional expression so as not to propose a single viewpoint but allows the observer and me to examine and contemplate questions of modern existence. The precious quality of reverence and contemplation associated with spiritual objects, as well as purely aesthetic beauty, is of great concern. By combining traditional and contemporary shapes with a clean, sterile and somewhat clinical expression, the ideas of ethics (past) versus science (present) work together to form a discourse of contradiction and relativity. Past and present issues range from the death penalty, abortion, surrogacy, suicide, greed, the homeless, to video wills and fame.

Although different in concept, my works follow the same course of idea, research, numerous sketches and thought to reach a resolution or work of art.

Many elements which reoccur are:
WATER = cleansing, birth, renewal, washing
DIRT = earth, birth, death, storage, brain, soiled
GLASS = humankind, life’s fragility, mortality
CONTAINER = storage, examination, analysis
COMMON OBJECTS = modern rituals, new religion
CLEANLINESS = sterility of emotion, contemporary reporting of human events
WORDS = communication/non-communication
SCIENTIFIC OBJECTS = the future, contemporary existence, unknown dilemmas
RELIGION = morality, ethics
CLOTH = covering, protection, preserve preciously
PAINTED (FAUX) WOOD= past, traditional craftsmanship, marble
HAND GESTURES = signals, symbols, signs
GOLD, PRECIOUS ITEMS = greed, materialism, personal possessions, objects
CANDLES = offering, spirit, consciousness