Laurie Frick

Quantify Me
Sat Jan 14, 2012 - Sat Mar 10, 2012

Laurie Frick draws from neuroscience to construct intricately hand-built work and installations that explore the nature of pattern and the mind. Using her background in engineering and technology she explores self-tracking and compulsive organization. She creates life’s most basic patterns as color coded charts. Steps walked, calories expended, weight, sleep, time-online, gps location, daily mood as color, micro-journal of food ingested are all part of her daily tracking. She collects personal data using gadgets that point toward a time where complete self-surveillance will be the norm.

In Frick’s charts made of up cycled paper, wood, cardboard and industrial color samples passively measured personal attributes become floor to ceiling abstractions. Frick envisions these environments as a method to build a patterned vocabulary and grammar for self-tracking. Her wall size patterns anticipate and predict her daily conditions.

Self-tracking websites are popping up right and left.  Here are a few of our favorites.
– Post your daily mood in color at moodjam.
– Capture the movement of your computer mouse at iographica.
– The quantified-self… self knowledge thru numbers at quantifiedself.
– How many steps did I walk today at fitbit.
– Accurately measure and score nightly sleep using a Zeo.
– Micro-journal something everyday at mercurayapp.