New Work: Performances

Florinda Bryant, Sade Jones, Natasha Mevs-Korff, Wura-Natasha Ogunji
Thu Jun 14, 2012


Women and Their Work is proud to present and bring together four outstanding artists, Guggenheim Fellow Wura-Natasha Ogunji, The Austin Project’s Florinda Bryant, Ballet East’s Sadé M. Jones and the UT Hispanic Caribbean Ensemble’s Natasha Mevs-Korff for a free evening of new performance works.  These performers offer an exciting array of works that incorporate dance, song, poetry, movement, video and sound.  Space is limited, first come first seated.

Dancer biographies and more information here.

In A tortoise walks majestically on window ledges artist Wura-Natasha Ogunji finds inspiration in her father’s dream journals which offer a 15-year archive of his daily life and dream states. With beautiful descriptions of architecture, scenes of flying and space travel, chronicles of romance and love, and cryptic signs foretelling his future the journals become an important source for untangling the past.

Florinda Bryant’s Short Walks and Hamhocks is a poetic rumination on births. the pressure. smoke. dancing. gunshots. minimum wage. song. crack pipes. laughter. white eyes. sugar. AIDS. drink. loops. short walks. hamhocks. death. Through a collection of poems, monologues and song the artist asks why and explores the question of what comes first, the song or the dance?

In dancer Sadé M. Jones’ My Toughest Critic the artist explores how every journey to the truth involves a few missteps, followed by regrets. The key to maintain resilience is to forgive oneself in the process. Those who are wholly dedicated to the journey tend to obsess about the overall goal, forgetting about the process. This is the story of the struggle for self-forgiveness and its effects on the ability to move forward. This movement is an invitation to step out of your own way.

In Natasha Mevs-Korff’s performance Push Through, the artist sings in Yoruba and Haitian Creole, drawing on her repertoire of Caribbean songs.  She will be accompanied by local musicians John Cazares, Greg Martínez, and Allysa Martínez. The artist also incorporates video projections into her sonic works as she explores her relationship to song and water.