Opera Party

Performance Art Series 1984
Sun Apr 1, 1984

Beverly Bajema sings out: “Come in costume or formal attire and sing rather than speak for the entire evening!” These were Beverly’s instructions to audience members for her evening of extraordinary entertainment entitled “THE OPERA PARTY.”

This event was presented by The Sunday Series of Dance and Women & Their Work’s Spring Performance Art Series. Guests were invited to “Come sing and be sung to this April Fool’s evening when the Ballroom will be transformed into a carnival of booths for delightful games and activities.”

In addition to the twenty “Muses” who were available as guides throughout the elaborate setting, featured performances were:

* Amy Righter’s experimental music
* Pua Oleana’s Hawaiian dance troupe
* Janet Farr singing “The Jewell Song” from Gounod’ s “Faust”
* Heloise Gold in “The New York Subway Shoe Opera”
* Kim Coberly, Guinness World Record Fluorescent Hula Hooper Champ

Beverly Bajema, one of Austin’s more unusual performance artists, achieved notoriety in the year prior with her event “Careography” in which people performed individual car shows, chorus line car maneuvers, and horn music with door slamming crescendos. Beverly affirmed that anyone who can make sound can sing (and listen) and hoped that her new creation, “THE OPERA PARTY,” would help to make singing a part of everyone’s life. She looked forward to a world in which songs escape confidently and bring enjoyment throughout our days–privately and publicly, at home and at work.

Beverly has studied and performed with Deborah Hay since 1980 and has performed with numerous other Austin artists including Tim Hurst, Heloise Gold, Rod Snyder, and Diana Prechter. In addition, she produces, choreographs and performs her own delightful and unpredictable works involving audience participation.