Other Events in 1980

Maxine Kumin- To Make a Prairie

Tue Apr 15, 1980 – Tue Apr 15, 1980

Kumin read passages from her book, Poets, Poets, Country Living.


From the Wonderful Pen of May Swenson

Fri Apr 18, 1980 – Sat Apr 19, 1980

Directed by Lee Hudson with music by Sammie Wicks, the performances were based on the work of May Swenson.


June Wayne

Sun Apr 20, 1980 – Sun Apr 20, 1980

The colloquium featured June Wayne discussing printmaking.


May Swenson- Poetry as Oral and Visual Art

Mon Apr 21, 1980 – Mon Apr 21, 1980

May Swenson read from her work and discussed the role of poetry and its relationship to the visual arts.


Cynthia MacDonald- Readings

Fri Jun 13, 1980 – Fri Jun 13, 1980

MacDonald read from her work and discussed her role as a critic.


Isabel Castro- The New Wave of Women as Victims in Photography

Fri Jul 11, 1980 – Fri Jul 11, 1980

Slideshow and discussion by: Isabel Castro. Co-presented by Women Against Violence Against Women and the Council of Latino Photography


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