Poetry in Paradise

Thu Jun 15, 2023

Paradise Bloom was conceived through the scholarship of several texts that bring forth the question: Do we bloom in paradise or does paradise bloom in us? Poems and essays that span genres of radical feminism, critical race theory, afro-futurism, Indigenous science, architecture, jazz and even japanese woodblock prints, bring together the combined experiences of guest curator Ashley DeHoyos Sauder with the works of artists Anahita Bradberry, Jessica Carolina González, Naomi Lemus, and Alexis Pye. 

Women & Their Work invites viewers to delve deeper into the art by exploring the literature that has informed the work and meaning of Paradise Bloom. Gathering in our courtyard, visitors are encouraged to discuss an excerpt of their choosing and share their idea of Paradise–who creates it, what it looks like, where it is found. 

RSVP is optional but encouraged.