Mon Aug 18, 2008

As the lingering triple-digit-temperature of summer do their best to make us feel sluggish and clammy, we’ve decided that the only way to beat the heat is to celebrate it—by gathering friends together for our Summer 4 Ever party (in air-conditioning of course.)

Come hang out with us next Thursday, August 28th for Summer 4 Ever, as we toast the never-ending summer in Austin. Take a look at Katie Pell’s sculpture exhibition Tiny Acts of Immeasurable Benefit currently on display in the gallery and enjoy deluxe entertainment by Austin Video Bee and Tummy Toast, and win great handmade prizes in our Charmed Walk, a take on the classic Cake Walk without cakes.

As the foremost purveyors of video art ephemera in Austin, the multimedia collective Austin Video Bee hardly need an introduction. If you’ve been to one of their events or seen their new DVD Failure, you already know that an AVB reel guarantees the finest in post-millennial multimedia foragings. “Crunk/Funk/Punk” chanteuse Tummy Toast fuses impeccably crafted electropop beats with enough AutoTune vocals to make T-Pain jealous.