Turning the Tables on Unsustainable Attainment

Wed Oct 20, 2010


Join us for a conversation with three area psychotherapists: Gemma Marangoni Ainslie PH.D., ABPP, Mary Holman, MA, LPC, and Naomi Freireich, LCSW.  By creating magically gorgeous paintings Virginia Yount inspires us to admire and collect work that paradoxically addresses issues of the disordered collecting that is hoarding.  Topics of discussion include various conscious and unconscious motives for hoarding, including traumatic loss, memorializing, a compulsion to acquire, and as an effect of isolation.  This community panel will discuss how Yount’s artwork turns the tables on hoarding.

Free admission we’ll be open all day come by early, panel starts at 7pm.

Austin based artist Virginia Yount presents paintings, collages, and sculptures that depict a near-future society of hoarders, shut-ins and escapists. Through images of clutter, crisis and escapism, Yount investigates sustainability and failure to adapt to unstable and fast-changing surroundings. Her work addresses environmental and economic collapse, surveillance, self-obsession, anxiety and collecting.


Naomi Freireich, LCSW, is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Austin. She is past president of Austin Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology and a founding member of Austin Women’s Psychotherapy Project. She graduated from the University of Texas School of Social Work and received her certificate in Psychoanalysis from the National Training Program in Contemporary Psychoanalysis. She has written and presented both on the local and national levels. In practice she works with adults and adolescents in individual as well as group settings.

Mary Holman, MA, LPC is a psychotherapist in private practice in Austin, working with individuals and couples. She is currently the Past President of the Austin Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology and has also served as Austin Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology President and Education Chair. She obtained her Master’s degree from Saint Edward’s University and completed a professional training program in object relations psychotherapy at the International Psychotherapy Institute near Washington, DC.

Gemma Marangoni Ainslie, PH.D., ABPP, is a psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Austin. She is currently President of the Academy of Psychoanalysis and a Fellow of the American Board of Psychoanalysis in Psychology of the American Psychological Association. She has written and presented at local and national levels on psychoanalysis and arts (poetry and film), as well as on adolescence and on female development.