Natasha Tsakos

Up Wake Part III
Fri Apr 21, 2006 - Sat Apr 22, 2006

Starring Miami based, Natasha Tsakos as Zero, Up Wake III is a human and tragic comedy following Zero, a toon character, throughout his day of dream and wake. Tsakos uses original 3-D animation projected onto the floor, text projected in the background, and a rich and detailed soundtrack. Up Wake III is composed of classical, contemporary, and pop music snippets along with sequences of sound effects that are all perfectly synchronized to the toon character’s action on stage. The performance is modern, fast-paced, and a fresh metaphor of Today put under a microscope and through a telescope. Up Wake III has sound, text, images and performer meticulously in-sync with each other, bringing a picture-perfect high definition quality to the stage, fusing clowning, movement, dreams and technology.

Up Wake III, is conceptualized, composed, directed, and stars Natasha Tsakos. Ms.Tsakos sketches a frame by frame story board driven by cartoon poetics. This inspired her to create a live 3-D installation interfacing with an original score, text projection and digital animations. Ms. Tsakos integrates these hyper-real aesthetics of technology and performance into a magical journey of the human soul.