Women Write the War

Tue Mar 8, 2005

Women & Their Work was proud to present Bee Pederson reading passages from her newest release, Women Write the War. Following the reading Pederson and a panel of women talked about their personal experiences with the Iraqi war. The panel included Amy Stevens, author of America’s Hidden Heroes and wife of a soldier in Iraq, Guita Leeds, contributor of Women Write the War and veteran of the Army, Pearletta Beth Ullrich, 1st Sergeant deployed to Iraq and contributor of Women Write the War, and Catherine Deloof. It a lively discussion about the war and how it affected all of us at home.

Women Write the War, a book released by Austin author Bee Pedersen, is a collection of personal stories penned by the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters behind Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The anthology also includes stories written by female soldiers and service women who experienced the Iraqi war firsthand.  Pedersen, the mother of a young 4th Infantry Division soldier who served in Iraq, compiled more than 50 stories and 70 photographs to inspire, remind and teach readers about the emotions of wartime.

For more information about the book check out www.womenwritethewar.com

About Bee Pedersen

Bee Pedersen resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and three sons.  Women Write the War is the latest of her literary works, having published two books prior, A Dandelion is Also Beautiful and The Forty-Fitters, along with multiple short stories and poems.

Pedersen received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Internationalization from the Lyngby School of Economics and Business Administration and also holds a master’s degree in architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Art.  She began her career as an architect, renovating historical buildings in Copenhagen and consulting with the Danish Architect Group.  Pedersen later moved into the IT, heading up global consulting teams for both U.S and European software and consulting giants like Oracle and Ramboll, before starting her own software company.