Ahn Hee Strain


Ahn Hee received her BFA in Visual communications and MPS in Art Therapy while in NYC and worked as Art Therapist and Reiki Practitioner before relocating. Her work with survivors of trauma alongside her intuitive process and nature pushed Ahn Hee to explore her own experiences through a creative journey dedicated to healing.

Her use of bright colors and texture invites a warm and calming focal point, aiming for a safe space for the viewer to settle the eye. Ahn Hee’s self-proclaimed ‘Uncharted flow’ used in her work is meant to display movement, healing recovery, warming, calming, and free-flowing energy. The pieces aim to capture the viewer’s feelings and create a moment without an intended destination. Other themes in her work include an unbound story or an experience, movement, and dance as well as the element of water and nature.

Ahn Hee relies heavily on process for each individual piece, not typically knowing where the piece will end and be complete. Her style continuously shifts with her energy while reflecting on her inward past experiences, such as her journey of processing her adoption and exploring her Irish/Korean identity more fully. Ahn Hee’s mission is to provide healing through her art and
present herself as authentic as she can to her viewers.

Ahn Hee lives and works in Austin, TX.