Alexis Sones

On the evening October 1 st , 2018, Alexis Sones experienced a miracle: her vision spontaneously returned after wearing thick prescription glasses and contact lenses for 25 years. Ironically, this shifted her focus from observing and painting the outer world to giving form to the images and colors living in her inner world. Her outer vision returned, but her inner vision re-awakened. Sones’s subject matter shifted from bright and impressionistic landscapes and portraits painted from photographic references to abstract, expressive, and symbolic works entirely sourced from her imagination. Deeply influenced by ancient mythology across many world cultures, night dreams and daydreams, Sones is most interested in how our own imaginations can serve as a compass to provide orientation, purpose, and direction within the wider mythical narrative of our world. Born in Los Angeles, CA, Sones is currently located in Austin, Texas.

Alexis Sones CV