Carol Hayman

Carol Hayman, photographer-printmaker, is a retired Anthropology Professor from Austin Community College.  Her work suggests myths and daydreams in a dreamworld of cosmic nature, evoking notions of disappearance, deconstruction, and self-effacement.  Themes deal with myth-making attached to objects and locations from urban legends to Native-American and Aboriginal story-telling, with Greek, Roman, Japanese, and Norse mythology, heroes, sheroes, and super-heroes, in comic books, sci-fi tales, creation myths and ghost stories. The mythological world is part of being human. The images bridge past and present, the mystical and concrete.  These monochrome photo intaglio prints are pulled at Slugfest Print Studio, Austin, TX on an American French Tool Press, from original photographs by the artist, on Arches BFK Rives paper with Charbonnel ink.