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About Carrie Cook: I’m a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation and the Society of Animal Artists, whose signature membership numbers less than 300 worldwide. Despite my participation in numerous international wildlife exhibitions, I actually define myself as a portrait artist. Through my portraits, I allow people to acknowledge members of other species as individuals, for it is surely as individuals that they see themselves.

Currently, I’m working on a portrait series featuring inhabitants of the Center for Great Apes. There may be no better way to impart that animals are deserving of life and freedom from harm, than by focusing on species closest to our own. Every one has a story, whether used for experimentation, food or entertainment, living in captivity, or those facing increasing perils in the wild. Their stories are inextricably linked with our own, and like ours, are filled with both loss and hope.

I was once a graphic designer in New York City, a student of Disney in Los Angeles, and an art teacher to mildly interested middle schoolers in Colorado. But it was as head of graphic design at the Dallas Zoo, and the discomfort I felt around animals in captivity, that led me down my current path.

I’m an advocate for animal organizations and have participated in art exhibits benefiting animal causes such as Art4Apes, Artists for Conservation, Mercy for Animals, Farm Sanctuary, and Explorers Against Extinction. Most recently, I was one of seven artists on display at Christie’s in Beverly Hills for David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s ‘End of Ivory,’ an exhibit benefiting elephant conservation.

Awards include SAA’s Medal of Excellence, and David Shepherd’s Wildlife Artist of the Year – ‘Vanishing Fast’ category. I’m currently a Clark Hulings Fund Executive Fellow. My work has been exhibited at San Diego‘s Museum of Natural History, The Houston Museum of Nature and Science, The Wildlife Experience in Colorado, Grouse Mountain Resort and Wildlife Refuge in Vancouver, the Hiram Blauvelt Wildlife Museum in New Jersey, Arizona’s Sonoran Desert Museum, Miami’s Art Basel, England’s Nature in Art Museum, and London’s Mall Galleries among other venues. I’m currently represented by Worrell Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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