Hillary Cumberworth

Hillary Cumberworth is an artist living and working in Austin, Texas. She received her BFA from Southwestern University with a focus in sculpture. Her work and life explores the common threads of human connection both universal and individual. Cumberworth has spent much of her adult life living abroad in Dubai and across the United States in New York, San Antonio, and Houston. The life of an expatriate has provided Cumberworth with a thoughtful perspective on the world which is manifested in her sculptural work. Every bend and curve in her pieces represent the moments in life that make an impact on our narrative- small and unseen snippets or catastrophic waves that mold us and our thinking.  No matter where you are from and what you fundamentally believe, the common thread that connects us all is the desire for a better life for our families, our children and for each other.  When she isn’t creating, Cumberworth enjoys laughing with friends, traveling whenever possible and rediscovering her hometown of Austin with her husband and their three kids.


Hillary Cumberworth CV