Joan Bohn

Joan Bohn is an extraordinarily devoted artist with a sense of style, presentation, and color few artists achieve. Her ongoing series: The Four Seasons, Portals, and Journeys, are a reflection of her very personal view of life. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections worldwide. Joan lives in Houston and maintains a studio in an industrial section of the city. She thrives on the energy of this urban environment, and yet, longs for the peace and tranquility she finds during summer visits to the mountains: only to become restless once again for the city. For her, it is about balance – in nature as in life.  Her philosophy can be summarized by the following:  “I live in a city surrounded by tall buildings, commercial development, and all the hustle and bustle that defines “urban”.  Within this chaos, I strive to find balance, and a sense of place that is derived from the stimulation of the city, redefined, and put to rest in my paintings.”