Joni Zavitsanos, She is Every Saint and No Saint; She Is Who She Is, 2020, series of 49 8"x8" wood and canvas panels, mixed media grid

Joni Zavitsanos

Artist statement:

My work is largely shaped by Byzantine Iconography, the earliest form of Christian art. Under its influence, color schemes, figures, architectural edifices, historical events, and visual perspective all play an important role in each collaged piece I create. At the same time, the influence of my father, renowned Byzantine iconographer Diamantis Cassis, is also visible in all the work I’ve created throughout my life.

Drawing from these two streams of artistic and spiritual exposure, I strive to convey to the viewer a sense of the ancient past made present in today’s world. In this way, the iconographic images crafted centuries ago mesh with contemporary events and people, giving Byzantine art a feeling of relevance and continuity in our current lives. On a personal level, the work allows me a connection with my father and my Faith, bridging my life on earth with what mysteriously lies on the other side.

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