Laura Klopfenstein

Laura Klopfenstein is a self-taught mixed media artist and single mother of two school-aged children living in Austin, Texas. Klopfenstein grew up in Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri and north Texas. She loves to laugh and make things – most days she has a twinkle in her eyes. Some of us are evolving and mindful while some are stuck in a dark past and celebrate ignorance. Yet we share custody of our physical, emotional and spiritual space. As we all know, mothers worry. Klopfenstein feels a maternal sense of guardianship for people and the environment. She likes to create imagery that is rooted in the natural world and summoned from her imagination. Her work is a celebration of beauty and a reminder of our responsibility as a species with the gift of forethought. Works are informed by concepts of stewardship, activism, playfulness, and awe. Some art works are more personal and touch on the push-pull energy of life’s various social roles that are both depleting and inspiring. Klopfenstein likes soft and hard, pretty and ugly, together. Her artistic process is guided by layering, the physical qualities of textures, forms and colors, storytelling, and humor. Klopfenstein enjoys exploring different tactile qualities and uses symbols to explore ideas and relationships: human teeth, manicured nails, fishing lures, cacti and oceanic organisms. For example, she includes teeth because to her they represent a shared human experience of sorts and a connection. She uses a variety of media on paper and canvas: acrylics, gouache, graphite, Austin tap water, magazines, encyclopedias, scraps, ink and secret tools.

Laura Klopfenstein CV