Lucy MacQueen, Water Becomes Air, 2020, acrylic on cradled panel, 18” x 24”

Lucy Macqueen

Artist statement: Since childhood, I have been fascinated with water in all its forms. I grew up walking along the blustery Thames and spending summers in the cold Cornish surf. After leaving art school to pursue my creative interests more freely, I moved to Australia, where I was drawn to the endless beaches.

Now, having lived in Austin for almost 30 years, I’m still captivated by water. I find myself drawn to the creeks and rivers of the Hill Country and am lucky enough to have one running through my backyard.

Since water can be captured in so many ways, I find that my mediums are always shifting. I’ve now sharpened my skills so that I can best capture this intangible element: by working with viscous acrylics, polarizing solvents to separate colors, and using heat to manipulate compositions. The result is a playful and evocative exploration of water’s texture and color.

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