Mary Helen McNally

Mary Helen McNally is a visual artist living in Austin, Texas. McNally has been creating professional visual art through painting, illustration, photography, and design for over fifteen years. In 2018 her focus shifted to working with ceramics, and since then she has been devouring knowledge on the medium and techniques involved at every opportunity.

Mary Helen’s ceramic art uses stoneware and porcelain to tell stories inspired by nature, feminine energy, and folklore. Her pieces often involve artistic elements branching from her sculptural and illustrative work, bringing together a cohesion and style that can be recognized throughout her body of work, whether it is made with clay, paper, or even digital media.

Mary Helen has been working from her home studio for many years and recently founded the Austin Kiln Club to provide firing services for her local community of home-based artists and potters. Her dream is to eventually grow the project into a brick-and-mortar teaching studio that will focus on empowering vulnerable populations through art.