Meena Matai

Art has been the one constant in my life. I have created art for as long as I can remember. When I was eight years old I’d go to our neighbor’s house, an artist and watch her paint. She was my first art teacher. I was born in India and moved to the United States in 2001. With my family’s direction, I took up engineering in college. I do love math and enjoy science, so I did well, got a Masters in EE and worked for fifteen years. I never gave up my art and painted all along. I took courses at the School of Art at University of Arizona while doing my Masters. After graduating, community colleges and local art centers were my goto places to keep learning art. I participated in art shows and also taught on the side. I was trying to balance being an engineer, artist, teacher and a parent all at the same time. Somewhere in there I got overwhelmed and decided to take time off to figure out my life. While I was trying to sort out my many roles, my father passed away all of a sudden and I came face to face with the fragility of life. That’s when I understood that I had to be the real me. I had to tell my story via art. I had to vibrate at such a high authentic energy that only love spreads through my art. I share my story with everyone I meet, show my art around Austin and also teach art. It’s thanks to my family, friends and art appreciators who have made this journey possible by supporting me and inspiring my work.

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