Nikki Alexander Atkinson

Based in Austin, TX

After many years working and studying figurative oil painting, Nikki Atkinson didn’t feel connected to the medium. When she took traditional embroidery classes at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City in 2009, she discovered a new voice and medium she truly felt spoke to her experience. Atkinson’s father is from a German family in New Braunfels, Texas and her mother is from Guatemala. Working on traditional even weave fabric with the vibrant colors like those found in traditional Guatemalan fabrics and embroidery, it felt familiar and true to both histories.

Atkinson could use these techniques to explore modern topics relevant to her personal experience and Texan / Guatemalan heritage. This medium is a fusion of cultures and vehicle to her personal voice and artistic expression. These micro cross stitch and colorful works can’t be replicated by machines. Each piece is extremely labor intensive and has become a space for her that is creative, introspective and meditative.

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