Rachel Stuckey


Based in Austin, TX
Rachel Stuckey’s artistic practice is research-based; she investigates historical and contemporary feelings of skepticism, enthusiasm, and confusion about computers and their cultural influences. She creates performative videos, multi-sensory installations, and interactive environments. Technically, her work combines new media with analog media; aesthetically it hybridizes New Ageism with technophilia and pop culture.

Stuckey received an MFA in Transmedia Studio Arts from The University of Texas at Austin, and a BFA in filmmaking from the University of Colorado Boulder. Stuckey has been an artist in residence at Vermont Studio Center, Laboratory, Signal Culture, and the Media Archaeology Lab. Her work has shown in Houston, Nashville, Chicago, Providence, New York, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Prague, Ljubljana and elsewhere. Stuckey lives in Austin, TX and is the Gallery Director at Women & Their Work.  She is the founder of the Welcome to my Homepage Digital Artist Residency and has curated for The Museum of Human Achievement, Experimental Response Cinema, and Mad Stork Cinema.

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