Rosemary Cantu

Rosemary Cantu was born in El Paso Texas. She attended Texas A&M at Corpus Christi where she received a BFA. Cantu received a full stipend to UNCG. After receiving her Masters at the University of North Carolina- Greensboro,  Cantu returned to Texas and has been living in Houston since 2002. She Teaches Art Appreciation at Lone Star College and gives private art lessons on the side.  She has exhibited in national and juried shows.

Artist Statement:
My drawings and sculptures are a narrative of my life and events that have defined my fears and hopes. They revolve around life’s adversities which made me question my purpose and relevance as an artist, woman, and mother. Life’s adversities are recorded as they are processed and throughout the years, I will find myself back at these works adding to them as the lessons evolve. The Muses drawings consist of many of the musicians that inspire and help create a narrative in my sculptures and drawings. These drawings begin as blind contour exercises that take a little over an hour. They then slowly develop into conversation and words of encouragement.

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