Sarah Luna

Artist Statement:

My art practice is rooted in presence, intuition and luminosity. My background in spiritual psychology informs how I approach my work. Attuned to the essence behind all acts of creation, I approach the visual world from a perspective of open curiosity and wonder. My subjects are ordinary objects and materials.  I believe they conceal a mystical realm which I reveal through the photographic process. My images invite the viewer to cross the threshold from the known into the unknown. Each piece alludes to energy and consciousness – the essence of life. Our entire being is composed of radiant energy and is directed by consciousness. These energetic portraits offer an invitation to contemplation and seek to elicit a visceral response or perhaps a vibrational resonance in the viewer – a fleeting moment of insight, unity and aliveness.

I begin by photographing otherwise small, ordinary objects – giving them space to be seen. Through the process of manipulating the effects of natural light, scale, shadow, and space, these objects are transformed into otherworldly, abstracted forms. I then layer the resulting photographs with wax onto panel. The wax is the final element that creates a diffused veil of mystery, sensuality, and elegance. The fundamental energy, color and form hidden within the objects are revealed, allowing the viewer to see beyond the ordinary.

My intention with this current body of work is to create an intentional and thoughtful space where the viewer feels inspired to take time to look at the work. I am interested in how different viewers process and relate to the images from the perspective of their unique view on the world. The nature of the images in this body of work is mysterious. The shapes are indecipherable, and because they are seen through a veil, they reveal different aspects to different viewers.

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