Spring Bash 2020

Sat Apr 18, 2020

Women & Their Work’s Spring Bash

Our themed bashes are original multi-media experiences, where guests are part of a vibrant art installation. In 2016, Rose is a Rose is a Rose was a Dada-inspired tour de force, featuring human chess pieces and flowers of evil. The 2017 Bosch Bash included a 15th century quartet, a cinematic creation story, and a panoply of fantastical costumes — colorful interpretations of hellscape hybrids and Edenic hedonism. Partygoers spent an evening as both artist and muse at our 2018 40th anniversary, I Am Art. And last year’s DreamLife was a foray into the creative subconscious, with soothsayers, sleepwalkers and a swimming pool dance.

We’ll be announcing next year’s theme in the coming months.

DreamLife Spring Bash 2019

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