Rachel Stuckey

Good Days & Bad Days on the Internet
Sat Nov 18, 2017 - Thu Jan 11, 2018

In Good Days & Bad Days on the Internet, Rachel Stuckey dissects the emotional pull of technology using video, site-specific projection, and custom software. Stuckey takes inspiration from 1980s computer ephemera, passionate YouTubers, and unusual content found on the deep web.

Thematically, the exhibition addresses the ways we engage with technology, including the seduction of a glossy phone and the heartache of a shattered screen, therapeutic use of “oddly satisfying” videos, dependency, fears of having personal data compromised, and obsessive repetition through memes. The work shifts tonally from parody to dark abstraction, moving from superficial web use to deep, uncharted territory.

Listen to Rachel Stuckey discuss her exhibition on KUT’s Arts Eclectic here.

Rachel Stuckey is an artist who works with video and new media to question, parody, and endorse technology’s influence on human bodies, minds, and systems of belief. Her work crossbreeds emerging technologies with analog media and New Ageism with technophilia. She received an MFA in Transmedia Studio Arts from the University of Texas at Austin as a Creative Research Fellow, and a BFA in filmmaking from the University of Colorado Boulder. Stuckey has been an artist in residence at Vermont Studio Center, Laboratory, Signal Culture, and the Media Archaeology Lab. Her work has shown in Houston, Nashville, Chicago, Providence, New York, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Prague, Ljubljana and elsewhere. Stuckey currently lives and works in Austin, TX, where she runs the Welcome to my Homepage Digital Artist Residency. Previously she has served as Director of Speculative Futures at The Museum of Human Achievement and co-founder and programmer for Experimental Response Cinema.