Sarah Nix Ginn

Thu Feb 21, 2002 - Sat Mar 30, 2002

Sarah Nix Ginn, Houston artist, created mixed media sculptures and drawings, using commercial dressmaker pattern paper and pins, for an exhibition titled Sanctuary.

Ms. Nix Ginn stated, “I am preoccupied with repetitive tasks and in my art this constant repetition places me in a meditative state. I am a descendant of commercial dressmakers …I do not sew a stitch… Rather, I enjoy rebelling against the dictated authoritative voice found on the pattern paper… my compositions are all girls and instead of worded names, have numbers as their identification.”

Nix Ginn collaged thin layers of the delicate, skin colored paper patterns into sculptures. She used straight pins to stack the paper material into tubular constructions that represented spirit vessels. The silk pins held two functions: as structural units offering supports and as textural decoration found in rows that create delicate lines.