Neocortex Course 103: Wet and Wild

  The City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department helps protect three species of aquatic salamander (Barton Springs, Austin Blind, and Jollyville Plateau) that occur nowhere else in the world! Celebrate… Read More »

Neocortex Course 102: Build a Better Backyard

  You may not know it, but your yard is also home a variety of urban wildlife. What can you do to be a better neighbor to these animals? Travis… Read More »

Neocortex Course 101: Bone Appetite

Ryan Cummings, owner of The Bones and Co., will instruct participants on simple and biologically appropriate recipes for your best friend. Exhibiting artist, Calder Kamin will lead a discussion with… Read More »

Calder Kamin

Plastic is everywhere. Just how omnipresent it has become animates Plastic Planet, the ambitious new exhibition created by multi media artist, Calder Kamin. Not only just a physical object that… Read More »