Krista Steinke

We often use the word “luck” when talking about sunny days or meteorological conditions. Luck is also an important factor in Krista Steinke’s recent body of work, where trial and… Read More »

Abandoned Playground: Abby Z & The New Utility

Inside the intimate stadium setup of this work, 9 dancers rip through the space performing complex sequences of hyper-physical dance that push their understandings of their own capabilities and endurance. Recognized… Read More »


I AM ART is the magnificent 40th anniversary bash on April 14th for Women & Their Work to celebrate the women artists who persist by creating a place in the art… Read More »

TalkAbout: The Suburbs are Architectural

Held in conjunction with the exhibition Paved Paradise, join us for a conversation about the suburban architecture with Julie Libersat, Scott Gleason, and R. Eric McMaster. TalkAbout is a new program… Read More »