Jill Bedgood

Jill Bedgood creates mixed media sculpture and installations that contemplate the dualities in life, the cyclical nature of existence, and the weight of memory. In the tradition of marble memorials, her reliefs,… Read More »

Margaux Crump

For The Lure, Margaux Crump debuts a body of work that explores gender and the natural world through the lens of power relationships. Using the idea of hunting and courting both… Read More »

Krista Steinke

We often use the word “luck” when talking about sunny days or meteorological conditions. Luck is also an important factor in Krista Steinke’s recent body of work, where trial and… Read More »

Jasmyne Graybill

Jasmyne Graybill draws from the familiar forms of fungus, lichen, and mold to create installations and sculptures that are inspired by the innate logic of natural growth and decay. Her work reflects… Read More »

Lizzy Wetzel | The Medicine Show

Come enter the spiral of Black-black water! Come enter the blinding white desert! Listen and Feel a heartbeat to restore truth and beauty Drawing from nature, mysticism, raves, supernatural phenomena… Read More »

Candace Briceño

Briceño  transforms the gallery into a whimsical world of color and texture using hand-dyed felt to create glorious landscapes.  Drawing extraordinary beauty from the seemingly mundane, Briceño fashions flowers, fruits,… Read More »

Diana Dopson

Austin artist Diana Dopson created luminous color photographs for her exhibition installation titled BIOTA on view at the gallery through September 13th. In BIOTA, Dopson explored the uneasy alliance between… Read More »

Daphane Park

Austin artist Daphane Park created oil paintings on wooden panels for her exhibit Tierra Tierna on view at Women & Their Work. Artist Statement I am drawn to create an impression… Read More »

Helen Altman

Helen Altman, an artist from Forth Worth, created Trailhead, a mixed media installation that was on view at Women & Their Work. The pieces in Altman’s installation included seven mixed… Read More »