Jade Walker

“The true mark of a long acquaintance with a single place is a readiness to accept uncertainty. You must not seek complete knowledge” —Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain In her large-scale… Read More »

Hollis Hammonds

Read an interview with Hammonds from the Statesman. Hollis Hammonds questions consumerist culture, depicting complex accumulations of objects frequently expressed as the debris piles resulting from natural and man-made disasters.… Read More »

Collecting Women: What We Treasure, and Why

  What do women collect? What do we desire, cherish, hold onto, and seek out? How or do we display our treasures? What do we archive, privately, inside? What stories… Read More »

Leslee Fraser | No Sure Footing

Sifting through found objects, natural and political history, religious iconography and suburban kitsch as source materials, Leslee Fraser creates small-scale ceramic figure assemblages that draw the viewer in for a… Read More »

Vicki Meek

quote ADVICE unquote explored female familial relations in contemporary African American culture and parallel relationships between women in traditional West-African culture. Ms. Meek created challenging installations using found objects, natural… Read More »

Betye Saar

Women & Their Work presented Betye Saar: Personal Icons, a compelling exhibition by an artist internationally recognized as a pioneer of assemblage and installation art. Betye Saar draws inspiration from… Read More »