Rehab El Sadek

Through miniaturization, abstraction, exploded views, and the use of fragile materials, Rehab El Sadek uses architectural structures, light, and shadow to investigate the layered reality of immigrants from different backgrounds in America. Employing floating houses, towering structures and… Read More »

Betelhem Makonnen & Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez

Betelhem Makonnen and Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez’s artistic research converges in the exhibition, the meaning wavers, which explores immigration, transnational identity and the impact of silence on our perception of history.… Read More »

Abhidnya Ghuge

Abhidnya Ghuge transformed 7300 disposable paper plates into this large scale sculpture, a visual representation of her own internal transformation after coming to the United States. Ghuge uses woodblocks to… Read More »

Panel Talk American DREAM

  A panel conversation about immigration with Lupita Murillo Tinnen, Dallas area photographer; Ramiro Luna, Dallas DREAM activist; Loren Campos, Austin DREAM activist; Terri Givens, Associate Professor in the Government… Read More »

Lupita Murillo Tinnen

Without ever revealing a face, photographer Lupita Murillo Tinnen creates powerful portraits of undocumented students. The obscured faces suggest the invisibility of their personal plight and the precariousness that their… Read More »