Vicki Meek

quote ADVICE unquote explored female familial relations in contemporary African American culture and parallel relationships between women in traditional West-African culture. Ms. Meek created challenging installations using found objects, natural… Read More »

Annette Lawrence | CON/Text

Annette Lawrence created resonant imagery from deceptively simple materials: brown paper, glue, black and white-paint, chips of limestone and lava rock, and in some works, her menstrual blood. Lawrence chose… Read More »

Regina Vater | CurandArt

Regina Vater’s work was infused with the sacred symbols and mythologies of many cultures, and especially with the African and Amerindian traditions of her native country, Brazil. For Vater, art… Read More »

Tiyé Giraud and Juan Mendolas

Women & Their Work presented percussionist and vocalist Tiyé Giraud and Juan Mendolas in a mesmerizing performance which combined African and Latin American music at UT’s McCullough Theater on Friday… Read More »

Women of the Calabash

Women of the Calabash, a vocal and percussionist group, performed a concert using native African instruments. This was held at the Opera Lab Theatre. It was co-sponsored with the Black Arts… Read More »