TalkAbout Pattern Language

Join us for a lively conversation in the gallery about the exhibition, Pattern Language. TalkAbout is a program that facilitates casual conversations with artists and the people who inspire them.… Read More »

Rehab El Sadek

Through miniaturization, abstraction, exploded views, and the use of fragile materials, Rehab El Sadek uses architectural structures, light, and shadow to investigate the layered reality of immigrants from different backgrounds in America. Employing floating houses, towering structures and… Read More »

Kira Lynn Harris

In this exhibition, Kira Lynn Harris will create new site specific works examining visual representations of the city in contemporary culture. The artist manipulates light – natural, staged and reflected… Read More »

Sara Frantz

Sara Frantz’s recent work explores the contemporary built environment once-removed. Her subjects tend toward the anonymous and ubiquitous: standard commercial buildings, often ornamented with eye-catching architectural “flair”, are carefully framed… Read More »

Jasmyne Graybill

Jasmyne Graybill draws from the familiar forms of fungus, lichen, and mold to create installations and sculptures that are inspired by the innate logic of natural growth and decay. Her work reflects… Read More »

Megan Geckler | Straddle the line, in discord and rhyme

Megan Geckler creates large-scale, site-specific installations assembled by stretching thousands of strands of colored flagging tape into the artist’s signature form of optical architecture. In Geckler’s hands, flagging tape –… Read More »

Hana Hillerova

Austin artist, Hana Hillerova creates large-scale mixed media installations that merge digital and analog modes of production. Through the use of nerdy high-tech means and what Hillerova refers to as… Read More »

Allison Wiese

Allison Wiese is a Brooklyn-bred and Houston-based interdisciplinary artist. Her sculptures, sound installations and architectural interventions celebrate improvisational authority, altering spaces through acts of labeling, christening or commemoration. The installation… Read More »

Margo Sawyer

Internationally acclaimed Austin-based artist, Margo Sawyer created a site-specific installation which evolved out of her research on sacred spaces in architecture and garden design. Transformation represented a further development of… Read More »