Urban Bush Women

Through forceful movement, a capella and improvisational song, and African-American folklore, The Urban Bush Women explore a transformation of suffering into the bittersweet joy of survival. Set your spirits free! Women… Read More »

New Dance by Nancy Dean & Barbara Hofrenning

Women & Their Work, Black Arts Alliance, Dance Umbrella, and the National Performance Network proudly presented New Dance by Nancy Dean and Barbara Hofrenning on Friday May 18 & Saturday… Read More »

Urban Bush Women

Women & Their Work, Black Arts Alliance, and Austin Dance Umbrella proudly presented Urban Bush Women on Friday March 24 & Saturday March 25 at the UT Opera Lab Theater,… Read More »

Steve Krieckhaus

This presentation of STEVE KRIECKHAUS was one of a national series of such programs which make up the National Performance Network (NPN). This network was designed to foster touring and… Read More »

Bebe Miller and Company

Dance choreographed by Bebe Miller and performed by the Bebe Miller Dance Company: Elizabeth Caron, Nikki Castro, Renee Lemieux, Bebe Miller, and Earnie Stevenson. Co-presented with Black Arts Alliance, Dance… Read More »

Women of the Calabash

Women of the Calabash, a vocal and percussionist group, performed a concert using native African instruments. This was held at the Opera Lab Theatre. It was co-sponsored with the Black Arts… Read More »

Jo Harvey Allen

Performance art incorporating comedy, drama, and poetry from her books and plays. Joined January 24th by artist/musician Terry Allen. Co-presented with Black Arts Alliance, Dance Umbrella, Laguna Gloria Art Museum,… Read More »

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Sweet Honey in the Rock, an internationally-acclaimed female acapella group performed at the Performing Arts Center at the University of Texas. Co-sponsored by Laguna Gloria Art Museum and Black Arts… Read More »

Black Women: Achievements Against the Odds

A photo exhibition which examined 200 years of Black women’s achievements in various aspects of public life. Co-sponsored with the Black Arts Alliance Project.