Tammie Rubin

The wispy tendrils of the native Texas ball moss serves as a signifier of gathering chaos, conclave connections, concentrated confusion, a labyrinth of values, and growing will. Sculptures are constructed… Read More »

Wendy Wagner

Wendy Wagner embraces youthful innocence and creates a distinctive make-believe world using painting, drawing, ceramic, soft sculpture and animation. Working in series, she has themes inspired by childhood, pets, family,… Read More »

Leslee Fraser | No Sure Footing

Sifting through found objects, natural and political history, religious iconography and suburban kitsch as source materials, Leslee Fraser creates small-scale ceramic figure assemblages that draw the viewer in for a… Read More »

Tre Arenz

Women & Their Work organized a powerful retrospective exhibition in celebration of Austin artist Tré Arenz.  Arenz specialized in contemporary ceramic sculpture, ranging from small individual objects to large mixed-media installations;… Read More »

Sharon Smith | Shrines & Vessels

Women & Their Work proudly presented Sharon Smith/Shrines and Vessels a focus exhibition of ceramic work by Austin artist Sharon Smith in the Gallery Shop. Smith’s large-scale ceramic vessels, with… Read More »

Mary Visser

Ceramic tile and cast concrete sculpture commissioned through Women & Their Work in memory of Cathy Carrington and Adriana Visser.

Radiation Risk Reception Area

Radiation Risk Reception Area was an exhibition featuring central Texas artists’ responses to the Crisis Evacuation Instructions contained in Austin’s telephone directory. The exhibition was organized by Women’s Public Art… Read More »