Collector Conversation

Join us for a conversation about collecting art with Anastasia Colombo, Rudy Green, Kathleen Loughlin, Elisa and Joel Sumner. Come hear about what drives our guests to collect, what got… Read More »

TalkAbout: Collecting

Join us for a conversation in the gallery about collecting art with Michael Anthony Garcia, an Austin based multidisciplinary artist & independent curator; Emily Little, renowned architect and art collector; and… Read More »

Collecting Women: What We Treasure, and Why

  What do women collect? What do we desire, cherish, hold onto, and seek out? How or do we display our treasures? What do we archive, privately, inside? What stories… Read More »

Marjorie Moore

Marjorie Moore’s paintings and drawings in this exhibit were derived from her interpretation of her collection of toys, dolls, and bric-a-brac. Her recent work had continued the Western tradition of… Read More »