May Swenson – Poetry as Oral and Visual Art

May Swenson read from her work and discussed the role of poetry and its relationship to the visual arts.

Women’s Salon

The colloquium included Audre Lorde, Marge Percy, May Swenson and Anne Waldman. Held at the Student Methodist Center.

From the Wonderful Pen of May Swenson

Directed by Lee Hudson with music by Sammie Wicks, the performances were based on the work of May Swenson.

Other Events in 1980

Maxine Kumin- To Make a Prairie Tue Apr 15, 1980 – Tue Apr 15, 1980 Kumin read passages from her book, Poets, Poets, Country Living.   From the Wonderful Pen… Read More »

Festival of Contemporary American Poetry

Symposia and public readings featuring Audre Lorde, Marge Piercy, Gary Snyder, May Swensen, Tino Villanueva, & Anne Waldman. Co-sponsored by RGK Foundation and the University of Texas.