Dan Jian

About the Artist As a Chinese immigrant, Dan Jian finds landscape acquires meaning through memories. She transforms the traditional Chinese ink landscape scroll format infusing it with charcoal dust and burned ashes… Read More »

Alyssa Taylor Wendt

Compartments of Desire features new work that explores sexuality, fetishism, power, and, naturally, desire. Using a variety of media, Wendt challenges our notions of gender and taxonomy, in work that… Read More »

Yoon Cho

  Women & Their Work proudly presents Nothing Lasts Forever, a solo multimedia exhibition by Austin-based artist Yoon Cho. Recently named by the Austin Museum of Art as one of… Read More »

Joey Fauerso

In this multi-media exhibition, Fauerso explores the world of animation. Her captivating frame-by-frame paintings come alive as they move across the screen and interact with each other. Influenced by her… Read More »

Howardena Pindell

Howardena Pindell is an African-American artist strongly committed to addressing contemporary social issues such as racism, sexism, politics, war, and human rights. Pindell has used various media techniques to explore… Read More »

Safe Harbor

A multi-media collaboration among three artists: Laurel Butler, Catherine Conn, and Sylvia Orozco. It was held at the Texas Council on Family Violence Annual Conference.

Working Women

Photography exhibition featured work by Maria Flores and Scott Van Osdol; shown in conjunction with the movie, “Rosie the Riveter.” Held at the AFL-CIO Auditorium.

Symposium Series

Between the months of October and December 1977, a multi-media arts festival and celebration of work by women artists offered exhibitions of the visual arts and literary, musical, dramatic and… Read More »