Red Dot Art Spree

This is your chance to collect some of the best contemporary art being created today at the 19th annual Red Dot Art Spree. Choose from over 200 paintings, sculptures, drawings,… Read More »

Adela Andea

Site-specific interventions primarily constructed of light and plastics, climb, grow and pulse in Adela Andea’s sculptures. A purveyor of all things light emitting diode and cold cathode florescence, she creates… Read More »

Jasmyne Graybill

Jasmyne Graybill draws from the familiar forms of fungus, lichen, and mold to create installations and sculptures that are inspired by the innate logic of natural growth and decay. Her work reflects… Read More »

Red Dot Art Exhibit

This exhibit is open to the public with free admission. This amazing array of artists from Texas and beyond is a survey of contemporary art making.  Over 200 artists have… Read More »

Kathryn Kelley

Houston based artist Kathryn Kelley up-cycles and reanimates objects of urban refuse into large fleshy sculptures that often stand in the place of the self. The impressive scale of these… Read More »

Red Hot Red Dot

  Join us for hot deals on art at Women & Their Work. This exhibit features over 200 paintings, sculptures, drawings, photos and mixed media works by some of Texas’… Read More »

Elaine Bradford

With colorful crocheted sweaters, Elaine Bradford transforms taxidermy into sculptures infused with warmth and comfort. Using yarn, Bradford reincarnates animals into a life of bizarre coziness. Like a circus sideshow,… Read More »