Fresh from the Studio

Fresh from the Studio invites W&TW artist members to share what they are working on now with you! In this virtual format, artists will share work in progress, newly finished… Read More »

Soft Sculpture Art Doll Workshop

Create an art doll with soft sculpture artist April Garcia. She will share some basic sewing techniques in this fun and easy workshop that will inspire you to create your… Read More »

Wendy Wagner

Wendy Wagner embraces youthful innocence and creates a distinctive make-believe world using painting, drawing, ceramic, soft sculpture and animation. Working in series, she has themes inspired by childhood, pets, family,… Read More »

Margarita Cabrera

Margarita Cabrera’s work focuses on household appliances made by maquiladoras, sweatshop laborers in Mexican towns bordering the United States. Cabrera, a Mexican-American artist, purchases these products in the U.S. and… Read More »