Kathryn Kelley

Houston based artist Kathryn Kelley up-cycles and reanimates objects of urban refuse into large fleshy sculptures that often stand in the place of the self. The impressive scale of these… Read More »

Linda Ridgway

Dallas-based artist Linda Ridgway’s site-specific installation, The Poetry of Line, presented the artist’s most recent work. Ridgway’s minimalist and spare work provoked introspection and meditation on such issues as the… Read More »

Tre Arenz

Artist Statement I have an idea that an “I” is composed in large part of representations of the important “yous”. There is a sameness about “us” within communities which makes… Read More »

Laurie Gant

Artist Statement When we choose to represent an experience, we must first define it. This is the nature of work, my work – the problem of definition. Not definition as… Read More »