PASSAGES, a series of workshops, readings, performances, and other related art events took place in a context of feminist research, group support, and cooperative activity. It extended the definition of… Read More »

Vital Signs

Exhibition featured artists: Yvonne Turner Burker, Carol Ivey, Melissa Miller, Claudia Reese, Rita Starpattern, Mary Pilot Steed, Barbara Sturgill, Deborah Vanko, and Millie Wilson. Held at Aperture Gallery and the… Read More »

Painting and Graphics Exhibition

Juried By: Carmen Lomas Garza, Betty Hirsh, & Anne Livit Artists:  Santa Barraza, Ann Borden, Rebecca Lynne Brooks, Jeana Elizabeth Brunson, Yvonne Burk, Carol Cohen, Peggy Daniell, Heather Edwards, Linda… Read More »