Olivia Martin Moore

This exhibition culminates a body of work Olivia Martin Moore began in Berlin. Moore incorporates ephemera–such as poster advertisements and postcards collected while in Berlin–with traditional sculpture materials to create… Read More »

Aki Nagasaka

Using yellow fabric to seamlessly slice the white box of the gallery space from the floor to the ceiling, Nagasaka transforms the gallery into an ephemeral experience, a literal and… Read More »

Connie Arismendi

Taking its name from the Spanish word for “passing, fleeting, transient,” and for “a passenger or traveler,” this exhibit dealt with the transitory nature of life. The artist stated, “We… Read More »

Toby Topek

Houston-based artist Toby Topek’s installation, Ephemera, presented fragments of natural and man-made materials collected on her journeys in the Mediterranean such as ficus leaves, bottles containing minerals and fluids, and… Read More »