Denise Prince: Object Lessons

In large paintings, photographs, performance and a 16mm film, Denise Prince seeks to lay bare the outsized role that fantasy plays in the construction of identity and the perception of… Read More »

Kelly O’Connor

Resort: 1. To have recourse. 2. A place frequented by people for relaxation and recreation. Both definitions of resort apply to this exhibition. Collage and mixed media works framed on… Read More »

Kia Neill

Viewers will walk through a hand built and textured environment that leads through fantastic moments of surprise and geological discovery. Houston artist Kia Neill will create a textured installation called… Read More »

Katie Pell

Themes of identity, patriotism, fantasy and mysticism are treated to Pell’s tender irony, explored via life-sized interactive sculptures.  A walk-in album-cover diorama, a towering charm bracelet, a prayer wheel with… Read More »

Marilyn Waligore

Marilyn Waligore created an electric fantasy world, peopled by surreal, sometimes horrific characters rendered in high-drama technicolor. Using figurines and objects from fairy tales and games, she probed the stories… Read More »