Ana Esteve Llorens

In Studies for Future Objects, Ana Esteve Llorens examines space and form through sculpture by creating an ambitious 20-foot long structure made of interlocking wooden panels that commands the gallery.… Read More »

Marina Zurkow

Using vivid animation, Marina Zurkow creates a colorful cast of characters who inhabit a drowned world. In the carnivalesque Slurb ( a word that collapses “slum” and “suburb”) Zurkow designs… Read More »

Gail Dawson / Angela White-Tragus

Slivers of time and material were examined through trans-media works in drawings, watercolor, photography, transparencies and video showcasing by two artists: ‘Gail Dawson: Loops & Channels’ and ‘Angela White-Tragus: Expired Time’.

Regina Vater

The installation Shellife, by Austin-based Brazilian artist Regina Vater, consisted of an environment of three installations and photographs that reflected these concerns for Spirit, Time, Space, Environment, and Myths. Ms.… Read More »