Jill Bedgood

Jill Bedgood creates mixed media sculpture and installations that contemplate the dualities in life, the cyclical nature of existence, and the weight of memory. In the tradition of marble memorials, her reliefs,… Read More »

Mihee Nahm

Mihee Nahm’s exhibition Soaked includes paintings and drawings depicting detailed glimpses of landscapes she encounters on her daily walks. Nahm captures a sense of poignancy found in nature on rainy days and at night, evoking… Read More »

Hollis Hammonds

Read an interview with Hammonds from the Statesman. Hollis Hammonds questions consumerist culture, depicting complex accumulations of objects frequently expressed as the debris piles resulting from natural and man-made disasters.… Read More »

Kelly O’Connor

Resort: 1. To have recourse. 2. A place frequented by people for relaxation and recreation. Both definitions of resort apply to this exhibition. Collage and mixed media works framed on… Read More »

Wura-Natasha Ogunji-2011

This exhibit will feature paintings and videos based on performances by the artist. Ogunji uses physical actions of the body to explore her connections to place, land, history and memory.… Read More »

Donna Huanca

Secret Museum of Mankind excavates the layers of memory in a meditative installation that contains life-size dioramas, sound tunnels, primitive shelters and rituals to create a timeline from past to… Read More »

Susan Kae Grant

Susan Kae Grant, a Dallas artist, created large Iris giclee prints on archival paper for her exhibition, Night Journey. Ms. Grant’s work was inspired and created from her dreams that… Read More »

Martha Gannon

Austin artist, Martha Gannon, created mixed media works for an exhibition titled Wistful Intentions on view at Women & Their Work. Ms. Gannon stated, “My work is an exploration of… Read More »

Connie Arismendi

Taking its name from the Spanish word for “passing, fleeting, transient,” and for “a passenger or traveler,” this exhibit dealt with the transitory nature of life. The artist stated, “We… Read More »