Denise Prince: Object Lessons

In large paintings, photographs, performance and a 16mm film, Denise Prince seeks to lay bare the outsized role that fantasy plays in the construction of identity and the perception of… Read More »

Collecting Women: What We Treasure, and Why

  What do women collect? What do we desire, cherish, hold onto, and seek out? How or do we display our treasures? What do we archive, privately, inside? What stories… Read More »

Lauren Woods

In her own words, lauren woods is “part historian, part archivist, part sociologist, part anthropologist.” This exhibit is a collection of videographic texts that reflects her studies of culture and… Read More »

All Dressed in White

Women & Their Work is pleased to present All Dressed in White, a video/ film exhibition exploring the emerging definitions of marriage. Curated by filmmaker Diane Zander Mason, this show features a range of… Read More »

Gabel Karsten

Austin artist, Gabel Karsten created films from her monotype prints for her exhibition, Color Movement. Ms. Karsten has made thousands of prints based on abstract or semi-abstract forms and then… Read More »

The Third Wave International Women’s Film & Video Festival

This festival was a sponsored project of Women & Their Work and was presented by the Women’s Media Project. Four days of film and video screenings, technical workshops, and discussion… Read More »

Heloise Gold

Gold combined experimental and traditional forms of song, dance, and film to explore the relationship between the self and others. Original songs, dances, and music by Heloise Gold. Performers included… Read More »

Southwest Alternate Media Projects Film and Video Tour

This event included workshops by Laurie McDonald & Martha Wallner held at the Laguna Gloria Art Museum. As part of the Southwest Alternate Media Project’s 1986 Film/ Video Tour, Austin… Read More »

Jackie Apple

Lecture and films by the filmmaker and performance artist. Held at the Speech Communication Building, University of Texas.